MedTech Innovator Companies


2C Tech

A nanotechnology based device for treatment of retinal degenerative diseases


We're the Omada Health of Smoking and more, delivering clinically tested mobile behavior change

Abreos Biosciences

Pioneering laboratory and point-of-care tests for precision dosing of biologic drugs

Adhesys Medical

Adhesys has developed a hydrophilic, strong, flexible, bioabsorbable, and ready-to-use surgical glue

Adient Medical

Adient's absorbable blood filter prevents pulmonary embolism then vanishes without a trace


First-of-its-kind artificial pancreas for hospital and surgical care

Alleviant Medical

A minimally-invasive transcatheter device to treat congestive heart failure.

Allotrope Medical

A handheld device that uses electrical stimulation for ureter identification during surgery


Analyzes health "Big Data" and predicts potentially catastrophic illnesses

Aperture Biomedical

One-time therapy that extends the patency of hemodialysis access


Software to harness far more valuable information from medical images


Augmedics’s wearable smart surgical system uses Augmented Reality technology for future surgery

AUM Cardiovascular, Inc.

Non-invasive, handheld cardiovascular diagnostic device


Image guided laser therapy to treat prostate cancer in a doctor’s office

AventaMed Ltd.

All-in-one medical device for in-office grommet surgery; cheaper, safer, quicker.

BeckerSmith Medical, Inc.

External Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) monitoring system

Bionic Vision Australia

Visual prosthesis to restore vision to the blind


Bloomlife's wearables track physiological changes to power predictive prenatal analytics

BrainStem Biometrics

Non-invasive low cost high margin disposable brainstem activity sensor system


SafeSnips – affordable, real-time imaging and diagnostics integrated into surgical tools


C-SATS is a software system for continuously evaluating and improving performance of healthcare practitioners using interoperative video review