MedTech Innovator Companies

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2C Tech

A nanotechnology based device for treatment of retinal degenerative diseases


We're the Omada Health of Smoking and more, delivering clinically tested mobile behavior change
fiftytwonorth health 

52 North Health

Low-cost rapid POC device and app that helps identify cancer patients at risk of life-threatening neutropenic sepsis

7D Surgical

Machine-vision image guidance utilizing visible light technology to enable radiation-free and nearly instantaneous navigation in spinal and cranial surgery


Enabling remote collaboration for surgeries - tele-surgical training and tele-surgeries.


AblaCare is developing a minimally invasive approach for the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) related infertility.

Abreos Biosciences

Pioneering laboratory and point-of-care tests for precision dosing of biologic drugs

Ad Vital

Sales, Marketing and operations automations software improve efficiency and productivity in medicine.


Our gestational pre-diabetes diagnostic is used during the 1st trimester to prevent birth defects.

Aidar Health

Rapid health assessment device for early detection & management of exacerbation in COPD patients.


Eliminates death from healthcare-associated infections by early and rapid diagnostic biosensor


A platform technology for the objective characterization of pain and analgesic drug effect


Scalable, wearable remote monitoring platform for dialysis and heart failure patients.

Alleviant Medical

A minimally-invasive transcatheter device to treat congestive heart failure.

Allotrope Medical

A handheld device that uses electrical stimulation for ureter identification during surgery


A non-enzymatic synthetic genetic test that enables rapid measurement of a patient’s infectious disease viral load at the point-of-care

Alva Health

Real-time, wearable stroke monitor for older Americans living with high stroke risk

AMB Surgical

Provides precise, frequent, non-surgical adjustments with sensor feedback to treat scoliosis

American BioOptics

Screening platform for colorectal and other cancers using low- coherence enhanced backscattering to acquire representative tissue sampling in minimally invasive manner
anumana logo 


AI-enabled tool that decodes the ECG to uncover hidden insights that can predict heart disease early.


Least invasive posterior dynamic deformity correction: alternative to bracing/fusion for the treatment of progressive scoliosis

Applaud Medical

Smartsphere Acoustic Enhancer is a medical device for improved treatment of urinary stones

Aqua Medical

Endoscopic vapor ablation platform to treat diabetes and prevent cancers in the GI tract with a 30 min. outpatient procedure

Aria CV

An implantable device for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension


Software to harness far more valuable information from medical images

AtaCor Medical

Implant delivering bradycardia pacing therapy w/out need for device placement within or on the heart.

AtriAN Medical

AtriAN delivers precise “soft” pulsed fields, permanently restoring the heart’s natural rhythm.

ATRO Medical

A meniscus prosthesis for patients with chronic knee osteoarthritis that provides pain relief, restores mobility, and improves overall quality of life

Auctus Surgical

Novel orthopedic implants incorporating a dynamic magnetic technology

Augment Health

Noninvasively improving neurogenic bladder care with smart bladder monitoring

AUM Cardiovascular, Inc.

Non-invasive, handheld cardiovascular diagnostic device

AuriGen Medical

Next generation cardiac implant to treat both the stroke & arrhythmia risk associated with atrial fibrillation.

Avelas Biosciences

Improving surgery through real-time cancer detection


Image guided laser therapy to treat prostate cancer in a doctor’s office

AventaMed Ltd.

All-in-one medical device for in-office grommet surgery; cheaper, safer, quicker.
avisi technologies logo 

Avisi Technologies

Developing VisiPlate, a nanotechnology-enabled implant that controls intraocular pressure in the eye to treat open-angle glaucoma.
avodah logo 


Deploying intelligent telemedicine tools including vital signs, computer visioning, integrating medical records.


An non-invasive handheld multimodal frequency system to treat sinus infections.

Bardy Diagnostics

P-wave centric ambulatory cardiac patch monitor and arrhythmia detection device

BeckerSmith Medical, Inc.

External Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) monitoring system

Bigfoot Biomedical

Digital drug delivery platform which includes a Bluetooth-enabled insulin pump and connected pen for people with type 1 and insulin-requiring type 2 diabetes


Endoscopically-sprayable adhesive hydrogel to seal and protect surgical lesions after polyp removal


Biolinq is a venture-backed medical device company developing the world's first dermal continuous glucose monitor.

Bionic Vision Australia

Visual prosthesis to restore vision to the blind


BioSense developed the first working non-contact EKG that enables constant, non-invasive monitoring

Bluegrass Vascular Technologies

Surfacer System provides an inside-out approach to gain venous access in obstructed central veins

Bone Health Technologies

Consumer health technology which utilizes mechanical stimulation to modulate bone cell activity for low bone mass conditions (osteopenia and osteoporosis)

BrainStem Biometrics

Non-invasive low cost high margin disposable brainstem activity sensor system

Bright Uro

Next generation diagnostic devices for Urology leveraging advanced hardware, software, and data science.


SafeSnips – affordable, real-time imaging and diagnostics integrated into surgical tools

Bruin Biometrics

A new paradigm for pressure injury prevention, modernizing care pathways across all care settings.

CAIRA Surgical

New surgical navigation and robotic technology that is accessible to all surgeons for every patient.

Candesant Biomedical

A new device in the sweat control market that will significantly reduce sweat with a single 3 minute treatment
cardi care logo 


Closed loop, non-invasive neuromodulation wearable therapeutic for detecting and reducing Atrial Fibrillation burden, and for monitoring outcomes


Novel pVAD providing superior pump strength at lower catheter profile, without causing hemolysis.


NON-INVASIVE, real-time image-guided device for ultrasound treatment of aortic stenosis


Wearable patch for monitoring and managing cardiac diseases such as hypertension and heart failure

Caretaker Medical

Wireless finger sensor for Continuous “beat by beat” Blood Pressure & Hemodynamics Remote Monitoring
cari health logo 

CARI Health

A wearable remote medication monitor to keep patients on life-saving medications.


Non-invasive, 3D-reconstruction of the coronary tree to highlight the "culprit" lesion & the FFR in the lesion.
cellvie logo 


Device-enabled mitochondria transplantation therapy for heart disease.


In-home diagnostic analysis of sleep EEG, delivered as a contemporary digital health product.


Web-based medical imaging & analytics platform to accurately diagnose brain abnormalities.


Endovascular device removes chemotherapy from the blood thus reducing toxicity

Children’s National

Predictive modeling platform for serial casting of clubfoot

Circadia Health

Contactless remote monitoring system for early detection of respiratory failure.

Clear Ear

A better way to safely and effectively manage problematic earwax


Laparoscopic cleaner that maximizes clinician vision and skill in the OR: surgery as it's meant to be seen

Clearcut Surgical

A surgical device that offers electrocautery and fluid suction capabilities all in one instrument.


Novel device for remote monitoring of catheter-based treatments to reduce morbidity & costs


A single Unified Data Platform with a powerful suite of APIs and Apps that offer operational and clinical insights.


CoapTech is commercializing the PUMA Platform, a minimally-invasive surgical system enabling an entirely new category of ultrasound-guided procedures in hollow organs.


Blind-insertion advanced airway & ventilator system to simplify intubation.

Conavi Medical

Commercial-stage company that develops image guidance technologies for use in minimally invasive cardiovascular procedures.

ConKay Medical Systems

A unique annular repair device that can treat patients with large Tricuspid valves who are not being addressed by current solutions.

ContinUse Biometrics

Effortless, non-touch and highly accurate sensing technology for preventive medical care.

Cooler Heads Care

Affordable wearable device so chemo patients can keep their hair.

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Corassist Cardiovascular

Corolla -an intra-ventricular device for treatment of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction


Minimally invasive biventricular non-blood contacting cardiac assist device to treat heart failure.

CorNeat Vision

Nondegradable, synthetic ECM-like material that seamlessly bio-integrates with surrounding tissue.

Corveus Medical

Catheter-based device that performs a targeted nerve ablation in an outpatient procedure to treat heart failure.


Implantable heart assist pump providing a physiologic flow to advanced heart failure patients.


Minimally invasive device for tricuspid regurgitation that is quick, easy & safe to deliver.


Neural interface technology making computers to be natural extensions of thought & movement.

Current Surgical

We are developing a smart ablation needle that destroys tumors without harming healthy tissue

CystoSure / Emmy Medical

CystoSure™ - Making Cystoscopy Simple, Safe and Predictable


Fast, non-invasive tool for pre-symptomatic diagnosis of neurodegenerative disorders.

Day Zero Diagnostics

We combine genome sequencing and machine learning to combat antimicrobial resistant infections

Decisio Health

Identifies risk and reduces the time to intervention using real-time clinical surveillance with data visualization.

Deneb Medical

Surgical robotic imaging for selective tissue identification & ablation.


A handheld, point-and-click device that immediately assesses skin lesions for cancer.


Noninvasive, aerosol biopsy platform for lung disease diagnosis including cancer & infection.

Diagnostic Photonics

High-resolution, intraoperative imaging system for cancer surgery

Digma Medical

Minimally invasive, endoscopic therapy for type 2 diabetes that is an alternative to lifelong polypharmacy.

Discure Technologies

Minimally invasive system designed to reverse disc degeneration, eliminating the need for invasive surgery and reducing the use of opioids.
distalmotion logo 


Robotic surgery system that enables laparoscopic surgeons to benefit from the dexterity, precision & ergonomics advantages of robotic surgery.

DSSECA (University of Maryland)

Platform device to rapidly discover biomarker signatures of oxidative stress.


Point of Care GI biopsy triaging & stratification system using infrared spectroscopy.

Eclipse Regenesis

The first restorative treatment for Short Bowel Syndrome utilizing a novel device to stimulate the growth of functional small intestine.


Stethoscope+ECG+AI platform enabling earlier disease detection and vital sign-powered telemedicine.


Tapestry is a biointegrative implant, arthroscopically instrumented, for rotator cuff repair.


Embolx markets microcatheters for transarterial tumor embolization and neurovascular applications that improve outcome and survival


Dynamic 3D knee assessment device to identify and measure causes of knee pain.

Empirical Spine

Dynamic stabilization system offering an alternative to spinal fusion to support the spine in flexion for multiple conditions in the lumbosacral spine.


Endeau is developing enabling technology for the routine performance of Water Aided Endoscopy (WAE), an emerging technique in interventional and screening gastroenterology procedures.
endiatx logo 


Hardcore telemedicine via cheap robot pills.


Endoscopically-placed device that treats obesity and diabetes by reversibly mimicking the anatomy and physiologic changes of surgical gastric bypass without surgery.


Complete endoscopic wireless camera platform utilizing AI/ML to improve clinical procedures.

Endoron Medical

Aortic Nitinol endo-suturing device for securing stent grafts in the treatment of Aortic Abdominal Aneurysm (AAA).


Implantable hemodynamic sensor and patient management platform to help detect worsening heart failure.

Envision Endoscopy

Novel suturing device for flexible endoscopy for tissue approximation and large defects management.

EPIC Neuro

Simple, minimally-invasive brain stimulator for stroke recovery

Epineuron Technologies

Temporary wearable device to deliver neuroregenerative bioelectronic therapy directly to injured peripheral nerves.


Epitel is a digital health company revolutionizing brain health monitoring.


Minimally occluding digital monocular for sufferers of central vision loss, with features including artificial edge enhancement, image stabilization, auto-focus and more
evoendo logo 


Single-use endoscope system enabling completely unsedated upper endoscopy for children and adults.

Evren Technologies

The Phoenix® is a bioelectronic earbud device for the treatment of PTSD

Eximis Surgical

Xcor enables the safe, fast removal of large specimens through small incisions.

ExplORer Surgical

Digital surgical playbook to improve intraoperative communication & efficiency

FAST BioMedical

Medical technology enabling precision titration of decongestion therapy for heart failure patients.

Fibralign Corporation

BioBridge is a thread-like scaffold designed to support new lymphatic and vascular vessel formation


Wirelessly powered, pulsatile intraventricular mini pump for severe heart failure disease management.


Francis Lamont Innovations Orthopedic Table Extension for Direct Anterior Hip Surgery

Flosonics Medical

First wireless wearable hemodynamic monitoring device using non-invasive ultrasound

Fluid Biomed

The world’s first bio-absorbable brain stent, that cures aneurysms by diverting blood flow and dissolves away.


Circulatory enhancement of the lower extremities through precise, cyclic pressure on the sole.


ForceFilm provides a digital "sense of touch" in surgical robotics.

Forest Devices

A portable device which uses EEG and machine learning to diagnose Large Vessel Occlusions and other stroke subtypes; enables first responders to triage patients to proper stroke centers
garwook medical devices logo 

Garwood Medical Devices

Treats prosthetic joint implant biofilm infections instead of the gold-standard 2-stage revision surgeries.

Gauss Surgical

iPad-based blood loss monitor for early hemorrhage recognition and precise transfusion management.


CardioFlux is a medical device capable of passively, and without patient contact, measuring the cardiac generated magnetic fields emanating from a...
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A panel of blood tests used to identify early-stage HCC

GNA Biosolutions

Pulse Controlled Amplification: A disruptive technology for molecular diagnostics

Gradient Denervation Technologies

Gradient will treat patients suffering from heart failure and pulmonary hypertension, a life threatening disease.

GraphWear Technologies

Bios is the first needle-free continuous glucose monitoring system for diabetes management.
gravitas medical logo 

Gravitas Medical

Nasogastric feeding system that prevents tube misplacement and monitors reflux and gastric emptying.

GT Medical Technologies

Improving the Lives of Patients with Brain Tumors.

Halo Neuroscience

Neurostimulation device to treat psychiatric and neurological conditions

HD Medical

EKG-enabled intelligent stethoscope that leverages AI and predictive analytics technologies to instantly detect and diagnose cardiac anomalies

HeadSense Medical

Non-invasive intracranial pressure monitor.


Our novel vascular graft resists the problems of occlusion & infection suffered by current grafts

Health Reveal

Clinical AI solution provides diagnostic / therapeutic recommendations to ensure the chronically ill receive optimal, personalized care.

Healthcare X.0

SaaS solutions for the documentation, collaboration, and clinical decision support in oncology care.

Hemova Medical

Subcutaneous vein-to-vein vascular access for safer hemodialysis

HEPTA Medical

Endoscopically-delivered microwave ablation catheter with integrated temperature feedback for real time targeting and dosing

Hyalex Orthopaedics

Transformational synthetic cartilage technology and implant systems for diseased and damaged joints.

Ictero Medical

Catheter-based platform to drain the gallbladder & treat gallstones in high-risk patients.


Leveraging the latest 3D technology to make a personalized, drill-free dental implant.

Impleo Medical

Outpatient one-time injection providing durable relief from acid reflux, the most common GI diagnosis.


Artificial intelligence-driven digital biomarkers in serious and rare diseases

Incereb Ltd.

EEG electrode array which can be attached to the NICU infant quickly.


Rapid tests that read the immune response to bring precision medicine to the point of care, with first applications in acute infections and sepsis.

InkSpace Imaging

A pediatric cardiac and vascular MRI coil

Innara Health

Biofeedback device to help newborns and premature infants improve feeding readiness and promote the neuro and physiological aspects of feeding.

Innovation Lab

Mechanical elbow brace stabilizes tremors for pediatric ataxic cerebral palsy to improve the performance of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

Inovise Medical

Unique, noninvasive, remote heart failure monitoring system proven to reduce hospital readmissions.


IntelliDrain delivers patient-specific pulmonary therapy to improve thoracic surgery outcomes

Ischemia Care

ISCDx uses gene expression to discover cause of ischemic stroke (including atrial fibrillation) enabling targeted treatment for prevention of secondary stroke

Iterative Scopes

AI analytics platform bringing precision medicine to Gastroenterology.

Karios Technologies

Tissue Shield, a technology to prevent scar tissue formation (adhesions) on the heart after surgery

Kheiron Medical Technologies

Mia™ - a technological breakthrough in deep learning for supporting breast cancer detection.

KNOX Medical Diagnostics

Personalized medicine: predicting the onset of asthma flares


Wearable smart compression therapy to treat chronic venous and vascular diseases
lazurite logo 


Lazurite’s ArthroFree™ System, designed for improved OR efficiency and safety, is the only FDA-cleared wireless camera for arthroscopy and general endoscopy.
leadoptik logo 


Image-Guided Biopsy for Early Lung Cancer Diagnosis: Higher Diagnostic Yield and Safer.

LensGen, Inc.

An implantable lens that obviates the need for reading glasses.

Liberate Medical

Breath synchronized abdominal stimulation to enhance breathing in COPD patients.

Lief Therapeutics

Remote patient monitoring for mental health with wearable ECG & HIPAA-compliant clinician dashboard.

Life Assist

wearable "OnStar for seniors"

Lifelet Medical

Sustainable polymeric transcatheter aortic valve for increased durability and easier delivery.

LIM Innovations

LIM Innovations is developing prosthetic socket technology to meet important unmet clinical needs in the amputee population.

Limax Biosciences

Limax has developed a fully degradable hydrogel-based material has strong adhesion to difficult to attach surfaces.


A novel minimally invasive technology to treat patients with chronic limb-threatening Ischemia (CLTI) facing imminent risk of major amputation.

Liquet Medical

Dual-tip infusion catheter with continuous biometric monitoring for the delivery of medication to treat pulmonary embolism.

Little Sparrows Technologies

The first & only ultraportable, high-intensity phototherapy device for neonatal jaundice treatment.


LiveMetric is world’s first FDA-cleared non-cuff, passive, blood pressure monitoring wearable with ICU-level accuracy.

Lungpacer Medical

“Breakthrough” neurostimulation device to reduce costs/morbidity and promote independent breathing for mechanically ventilated patients.

MagPAD Medical

MagPAD is a magnetic steerable catheter used in heart surgery that will revolutionize TAVR.

Makani Science

Wearable wireless sensors to monitor breathing during procedures involving conscious sedation.


Cardiac hydrogel implants and endocardial delivery system to prevent and reverse heart failure.

Meacor inc.

Meacor is developing a novel catheter-based anchoring system that replicates the open-heart standard of care for mitral and tricuspid valve repair.


Platform to deploy mobile apps for clinical care & clinical trials that collect patient generated data.
medasense logo 

Medasense Biometrics

AI technology that quantifies the pain response and enables personalized pain management with improved outcomes.


Tele-dermatology platform for the monitoring of skin cancer & other skin conditions


Rapid, portable, easy-to-use, sample-to-answer, point-of-need RT-PCR platform for pathogen detection and gene expression quantification.

Mighty Oak Medical

Mighty Oak is developing a prize-winning spine technology that features an affordable and disposable option for surgical navigation.


Accelerating motor recovery for stroke patients


MindMics delivers real-time, actionable, HR and HRV embedded in a pair of premium wireless earbuds.

Miracor Medical Systems

PICSO® provides cardioprotection by improving microcirculation and reducing reperfusion injury.


MitraPlug is a novel transcatheter mitral valve repair system

mOm Incubators

Portable, inflatable, cost-effective incubator for preventing neonatal complications including infection

Monarch Biosciences

First rapid-occlusion stent for treating intracranial aneurysms based on advanced biomaterial technology.
moon surgical logo 

Moon Surgical

A unique, adaptable, and accessible laparoscopic robot that keeps the surgeon at the bedside and in complete control.

Moray Medical

Moray’s robotic catheter makes delivery of therapies inside the beating heart as easy as moving a cursor on a computer screen.

Moving Analytics

Movn is a digital cardiac rehabilitation program for patients at home after an cardiac event


Novel, purely physical, non-drug and non-invasive solution to treat intestinal transit disorders.


MEMS-based pressure-sensing technology to diagnose Acute Compartment Syndrome.


Mobile diagnostics platform when time-to-diagnosis is critical to patient outcomes


Wearable remote monitoring alert garment for Congestive Heart Failure disease management

Nasus Medical

We are building a targeted local drug delivery device for the treatment of Chronic Rhinosinusitis.

Navi Medical Technologies

A non-invasive medical device to provide real-time feedback of central line tip location using ECG.


Yomi is the first and only FDA cleared robotic surgery system for dental implant surgery.

Neural Analytics

Neural Analytics offers a non-invasive solution for measuring intracranial pressure (ICP), a critical physiologic parameter that currently requires a neurosurgeon to drill a hole into the patient's skull.

Neurent Medical

Atraumatic in-office therapy providing long term relief to patients suffering from chronic rhinitis


Breakthrough cardiac arrest treatment with the 1st intelligent flouroscopy-free balloon catheter.

Neurofenix Limited

Digital therapy platform for neurological patients to recover independence
neuroflow logo 


A scalable care management solution for measurement-based behavioral health in all care settings.

NeuroRecovery Technologies, Inc.

An Implantable and external spinal cord neuromodulator system to treat individuals with paralysis


NeuroSyntek has developed the next generation planar silicon extra-cellular neuron-based sensor probe with adaptive, dynamically restructuring architecture and ability for learning.

NeuroTronik Limited

Electrically-active neuromodulation for bedside use in acute decompensated heart failure


Vestal DM is a wearable neuromodulation device that improves Type 2 Diabetes by stimulating the brainstem and hypothalamus.

New View Surgical

Visualization platform for minimally invasive surgery that + impacts both clinical and economic outcomes.


Steerable Sheath with Direct Visualization for Ventricular Tachycardia Epicardial Ablation.


Transoral delivery of gastric sleeve, converting laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy to endoscopic procedure.


Biomarker-based test to assess patients’ sensitivity for personalizing radiotherapy

Novian Health

Minimally-invasive laser alternative to surgery for focal destruction of breast and other tumors.


LifeBubble secures and protects the umbilical catheter insertion site for neonates in intensive care.

Novus Diagnostics (SepTec)

A revolutionary point of care blood test to detect life-threatening sepsis causing pathogens within 15 minutes.


Global on-demand medical device support


Wearable Continuous Molecular Monitoring platform that can track drugs, hormones, metabolites, and proteins.


FDA approved, medical-grade remote monitoring pregnancy platform reinventing pregnancy care.

nView Medical

AI-enabled 3D scanner to make surgeries safer, faster and consistently accurate

ODS Medical

AI-enabled optical probe for real-time tumor margin assessment during solid tumor surgery.


An add-on to electrosurgical instruments that analyzes tissue as the surgeon operates in order to reduce the need for reoperations in the surgical treatment of solid cancers


Intelligent implantable vascular access port and AI enabled oncology risk management system.


Digital Sedation™ is a disruptive digital therapy using clinical sessions in VR to relief patients’ pain and anxiety.

OncoRes Medical

Developing high resolution, handheld, surgeon operated imaging tools to increase surgical accuracy by enabling surgeons to more effectively identify and remove tumor during surgery.
onkos surgical logo 

Onkos Surgical

Customized 3D printed implants and digital surgical plans to reconstruct bones destroyed by cancer

Orbit Genomics

First clinically actionable genomic marker for healthy individuals

Orthox Limited

The only implant to provide both tissue regeneration and immediate functional repair of cartilage

Osso VR

Hands-on medical device training platform using virtual reality

Otolith Labs

Wearable device that is the first fast-acting treatment for vertigo.

OtoNexus Medical

First device to assess middle ear infections so clinicians know when antibiotics are appropriate

Oxford Endovascular

Origami Engineering for the Brain - a next-gen flow diverter treating brain aneurysms, reducing adverse events.
oxos logo 

OXOS Medical

Hand-held medical imaging device bringing safer, clearer, and faster x-ray to the point-of-care.


palmm solves excessive hand sweating with a convenient, at-home treatment


Implantable device to continuously & actively prevent fluid overload in heart failure patients.

Parker Isaac Instruments

Automating the pathology lab to transform cancer care.


Deep learning combined with wearable devices to predict sepsis in at-home patients 8+ hours earlier than the current standard of care


CycloPE captures and removes bacteria from blood regardless of bacteria type or drug-resistance.


We provide AI diagnostics for Dermatopathology.

PEDRA Technology

Improving peripheral revascularization outcomes by noninvasive realtime PEDal Reperfusion Assessment


Calibration-free, implanted probe for continuous multi-analyte sensing to monitor SIRS & sepsis.


PeriTorq, a catheter grip tool for use during pediatric cardiac interventional procedures
phagenesis logo 


First of its kind neurostimulation system to treat swallowing disorders after stroke or mechanical ventilation (MV).
phiex logo 

Phiex Technologies

Enabling faster and cheaper manufacturing of 50% of sterile medical devices with light-activated, self-sterilizing materials and replacing the cancer-causing status quo, ethylene oxide.


Low-cost imaging platform using light to see through tissue; first product is an otoscope.


Celeste: a non-invasive, FDA Breakthrough therapeutic device, with dramatic phase 2 data.


Novel platform technology for blunt dissection that rapidly separates appropriate tissues while preserving critical tissues.


Wearable respiratory monitor for the detection of opioid induced respiratory depression.


Percutaneous polymeric heart valve reduces surgeries in kids & adults with congenital heart disease.

PopCheck Technologies

Remote monitoring biosensors with connected platform for management of postoperative complications

Pops Diabetes Care

Pops offers the easiest to use glucometer and an in-app AI virtual coach to self-manage diabetes.

Potrero Medical

Transform any Foley catheter into an AI-powered system that protects the kidney
prapela logo 


Prapela's incubator pad is the first innovation to improve the treatment of apnea of prematurity in over twenty years.


A digital diagnostic tool that helps physicians rapidly identify patients at risk of sepsis.


Fertility technology to bridge the gap between IUI and IVF

Pristine Surgical

Single-use digital arthroscope that utilizes chip-on-tip technology to deliver high quality, distortion free HD images during surgery


ProDural is a new syringe which can make epidurals safer and more reliable


A transradial and intra-aortic cerebral protection device that minimizes stroke risk related to transcatheter aortic valve implantations and various other interventional heart procedures

Provisio Medical

Integrated smart catheter technology that provides precise automated real-time flow lumen dimensions.

Puzzle Medical Devices

Long-term hemodynamic transcatheter heart pump associated with minimal blood trauma, allows for safe and efficacious support without open-heart surgery.


Risk-free & pain-free blood pressure monitoring for neonates - wireless, non-invasive, & continuous.


Blood pressure measurements reimagined: wearable devices to monitor blood pressure continuously, non- invasively and wirelessly

Raydiant Oximetry

Novel, non-invasive technology to more accurately detect fetal distress during labor & delivery.
relavo logo 


A disinfecting connection device to make peritoneal dialysis safer and provide higher quality care to kidney failure patients.

Remedee Labs

Rethinking Medication: the first personal and connected endorphin stimulator for pain management.

Renata Medical

Growth stent for the treatment of congenital narrowed lesions in neonatal patients.


Handheld device that reliably acquires and transmits unique data streams to the cloud for analysis of early signs of congestive heart failure

Retia Medical

Advanced hemodynamic monitor helps clinicians prevent deadly complications in high-risk patients
revbio logo 


High-strength regenerative bone adhesive that fixates broken bones and stabilizes hardware to transform bone repair for many uses across the body.


Noninvasive, real-time platform technology to visualize blood flow and perfusion in tissues.
rhaeos logo 


Wearable for the noninvasive monitoring of ventricular shunt function for hydrocephalus patients.

Rock West Medical Devices

Rock West has developed the MoPill - a novel, low-cost concept for monitoring gastrointestinal motility.

Rx Assurance

Saas-based solution providing opioid Rx optimization tools for physicians and 1st responders

SafeBeat Rx

The first take-home kit to care for patients with heart rhythm disorders in the comfort of their own homes.


Medical device solving the IV Push Injection Problem by regulating flow rates of drugs requiring timed deliveries.

Sana Health

Sleep mask & earbuds for inducing relaxation & sleep, personalized using HRV sensor.


Vascular access sheath with embedded sensors for the early detection & monitoring of bleeding complications during endovascular procedures.


Savonix delivers the world’s first made-for-mobile, evidence-based assessment of cognitive function

Selio Medical

Novel technology eliminating a common, costly and dangerous complication of lung biopsy

Sentien Biotechnologies

Ex-vivo cell therapy providing dynamically responsive therapy for systemic inflammatory conditions.


First is a lab antigen test that is the same accuracy as PCR. Second product is mobile antigen test.

Shape Memory Therapeutics, Inc.

Shape memory foam devices for treating cerebral aneurysms

Sibel Health

ANNE One, ICU-grade wireless sensors for cardiopulmonary monitoring in neonates with congenital heart defects


A clinically validated, digital therapeutics platform, scalable across multiple therapeutic areas.

Silver Medical

Silver Medical is a first-to-market medical device company addressing the large unmet clinical need of real-time detection in sports-related concussion.

Sisu Global Health

Hemafuse: a portable, intraoperative autotransfusion device for low-infrastructure environments.


Ultra-thin heated glove providing a complete quality of life solution for sufferers of Raynaud's Disease

Somnarus Inc.

Somnarus Inc. is a medical diagnostic company whose innovative products address the significant unmet need of patients with obstructive sleep apnea.


Sonavex’s EchoMark & EchoSure improve AV fistula maturation, a procedure with a 30%-70% failure rate.


TIVUS is a treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension that can delay the progression of disease.


Sonogenix has developed a noninvasive treatment for acute and chronic kidney disease using low frequency therapeutic ultrasound (LOTUS).

Soundbite Medical Solutions

Wire-based devices & generator technology that delivers shockwave energy within the cardiovascular system to treat chronic total occlusions.

Spino Modulation

Anterior Vertebral Body Tethering for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis.


Transforms remote monitoring for respiratory-related chronic diseases.

Starlight Cardiovascular

Project Lifeline, a less-invasive way to maintain sufficient circulation in newborns with ductal-dependent circulation that increases safety, procedural success and ease...
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Starling Surgical

The future of surgical wound closure, enabling surgeons to close incisions faster, with superior scars and reduced surgical site infections


An adjustable support integrated directly into clothing in order to relieve joint pain and instability.

Strados Labs

Wearable remote monitoring sensor to detect breathing abnormalities in chronic asthma management.

Subtle Medical

Subtle Medical's AI-powered software solution, SubtlePET, utilizes deep learning algorithms to enhance images from up to 4x faster PET scans with no change in workflow

Surgisense Corporation

Two devices, one screening, one therapeutic in treating colorectal cancer.


Unified 2D fluoroscopy, 3D imaging, surgical navigation, and robotics system for orthopedic surgery

Suturegard Medical

Improves skin suturing by improving perfusion, reducing tearing and reducing postop wound dehiscence.

SymPhysis Medical

A digitally-enabled drainage system for treating malignant pleural effusion in the home.
synergia logo 

Synergia Medical

Implantable neural stimulation platform enabling therapeutics MRI.

Tampa Medical Innovations

Class I single-use device eliminates blood pathogen cross-contamination from IV


Painless blood collection device that enables self-collection of blood samples & testing in standard lab instruments.


Catheter to treat stroke and other cerebral ischemic events by selectively cooling the brain more rapidly and deeply to temperatures science has shown to be most effective.

Tiny Kicks

Wearable sensor with predictive analytics to guide health pregnancy outcomes


Chest-worn systems measuring all vitals & hemodynamics for diagnosing patient decompensation in hospitals and home


Xray tracking for orthopedics surgeries to radically decrease interoperative radiation and OR time.
tricog logo 

Tricog Health

Accelerating Cardiac Cardiac … Accurate Physician Verified EKG reports within 10 minutes.


"IV Catheter that automatically places a venous catheter upon sensing that it has entered a vein"


Perf-Fix replaces surgical eardrum repair with a nonsurgical clinic procedure.

Tympany Medical

OtoVU is a next-generation sterile panoramic endoscope that enables minimally invasive ear surgery.

Universal Diagnostics

Colorectal cancer screening test reducing cancer mortality and incidence rate by early detection


A system designed to provide reliable, remote monitoring of left atrial pressure (LAP) in the home as needed for the optimal treatment of heart failure patients

Vena Vitals

Continuous non-invasive blood pressure monitoring in the form of a soft flexible sticker.

Venari Medical

Developing the world's first pain-free and effective office based medical device that uses the body’s natural healing response to cure varicose veins and venous ulcers, known as chronic venous disease.


Spinal decompression device for relieving back pain without the use of drugs


Ultrasound-based, unattended, continuous, muti-view, inexpensive cardiac monitor


Novel cardiovascular therapy to address a significant gap in Heart Failure management


VitalsOnGlass leverages Google Glass to increases situational awareness in the OR.

Vivante Health

The first and only all-in-one digital program for gut health and disease.


Medical device company designing products treating peripheral vascular diseases afflicting millions.
wellinks logo 

Wellinks (Convexity Scientific Inc.)

Wellinks is the full-stack digital health solution built for COPD.
woven orthopedic technologies logo 

Woven Orthopedic Technologies

An implant to help surgeons overcome compromised fixation scenarios by enhancing the screw-to-bone interface.


Low-blood flow extracorporeal device to enable outpatient treatment of respiratory failure.


ClotChip is a handheld point of care global assay device used to identify bleeding risk for any patient profile.


Digital health platform, integrating multiple tools into the EHRs to order, deliver and monitor


It is the World’s first disposable laparoscope. It’s HD, fog-free, and requires no capital expense.


Xpan’s universal trocar enables safest and most dynamic access and effortless upsizing in conventional/mini/robotic procedures.

Yolia Health

Yolia's True Vision Treatment (TVT) is a safe, non-invasive and repeatable procedure for treating presbyopia.


Office-based therapy for permanent relief of BPH-related urinary retention


Surgical implant to induce bone growth by leveraging a novel molecular pathway to directly turn stem cells into osteoblasts.


Wearable EEG device & cloud platform that will make medical grade EEG available anywhere, anytime.

ZKR Orthopedics

ZKR is developing a simple outpatient procedure to address patellofemoral osteoarthritis