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Open-angle glaucoma (OAG) is the second leading cause of blindness in the world and leads to vision loss that cannot be cured or reversed. By 2020, OAG will affect 80 million people globally. In OAG patients, excess fluid builds up inside the eye, putting pressure on and permanently damaging the optic nerve.   VisiPlate is a nanoscale drainage implant that creates a new outflow pathway for aqueous humor in the eye. Excess fluid flows through VisiPlate and is slowly absorbed into surrounding tissue over time, alleviating pressure on the optic nerve. VisiPlate is 1000x thinner than other tube shunts like the Ahmed Glaucoma Valve and the Baerveldt Implant, thus decreasing bleb profile and increasing patient comfort. VisiPlate also mitigates risk of post-operative double vision, tissue erosion, and bleb failure from excess fibrosis around tube shunts. Compared to minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries (MIGS) such as the XEN Gel Stent and iStent, VisiPlate aims to lower pressure more effectively over time and reduce the need for procedures such as needling.  The nanotechnology underlying VisiPlate is a shape-recovering, plate metamaterial developed at the University of Pennsylvania. At 100 nanometers, this technology is 1% the thickness of a contact lens. VisiPlate’s unique properties enable it to disrupt late-stage glaucoma treatment. VisiPlate is a 510(k) medical device.

Company News

Co-founder of Avisi Technologies named one of the Greater Philadelphia’s Inno Under 25

DateSep 21, 2021
Along with co-founder Brandon Kao, Rui Jing Jiang started Avisi Technologies in 2017, developing VisiPlate, a nanotechnology-enabled ocular implant to treat glaucoma.
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Avisi closed an oversubscribed Seed round

DateJan 5, 2021
These funds will be instrumental in advancing #VisiPlate to clinical trials, growing our team, and taking us one step closer to helping tens of millions of patients preserve their vision.
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Avisi Technologies: $1M NSF Grant

DateNov 3, 2020
The funding will help prepare the team for clinical trials, which they plan to begin in 2021.
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Avisi Technologies Eyes Goal of Human Trials With $1M National Science Foundation Grant

DateSep 21, 2020
The Pennovation-based startup that makes an ocular implant to treat glaucoma also raised half a million in seed funding.
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