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ZKR Orthopedics

ZKR is developing a simple outpatient procedure to address patellofemoral osteoarthritis

Potrero Medical

Transform any Foley catheter into an AI-powered system that protects the kidney


Fertility technology to bridge the gap between IUI and IVF


Eliminates death from healthcare-associated infections by early and rapid diagnostic biosensor

7D Surgical

Machine-vision image guidance utilizing visible light technology to enable radiation-free and nearly instantaneous navigation in spinal and cranial surgery


Enabling remote collaboration for surgeries - tele-surgical training and tele-surgeries.

Aidar Health

Rapid health assessment device for early detection & management of exacerbation in COPD patients.
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Biolinq is a venture-backed medical device company developing the world's first dermal continuous glucose monitor.


BioSense developed the first working non-contact EKG that enables constant, non-invasive monitoring
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Candesant Biomedical

A new device in the sweat control market that will significantly reduce sweat with a single 3 minute treatment
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