Blood pressure measurements reimagined: wearable devices to monitor blood pressure continuously, non- invasively and wirelessly


A transradial and intra-aortic cerebral protection device that minimizes stroke risk related to transcatheter aortic valve implantations and various other interventional heart procedures

Pristine Surgical

Single-use digital arthroscope that utilizes chip-on-tip technology to deliver high quality, distortion free HD images during surgery


Deep learning combined with wearable devices to predict sepsis in at-home patients 8+ hours earlier than the current standard of care

Orbit Genomics

First clinically actionable genomic marker for healthy individuals

Onkos Surgical

Customized 3D printed implants and digital surgical plans to reconstruct bones destroyed by cancer

OncoRes Medical

Developing high resolution, handheld, surgeon operated imaging tools to increase surgical accuracy by enabling surgeons to more effectively identify and remove tumor during surgery.


An add-on to electrosurgical instruments that analyzes tissue as the surgeon operates in order to reduce the need for reoperations in the surgical treatment of solid cancers


Mobile diagnostics platform when time-to-diagnosis is critical to patient outcomes

Moving Analytics

Movn is a digital cardiac rehabilitation program for patients at home after an cardiac event