MedTech Innovator 2019 FAQ

Is there a fee for participation?

MedTech Innovator does not require equity and there is no application fee. However, companies are responsible for their travel costs related to attending pitch events and mandatory in-person events, where applicable.

What is the eligibility criteria for the MedTech Innovator Program?

MedTech Innovator seeks early to mid-stage start-ups in the medical device, diagnostic, or digital health/health IT spaces. We encourage those who are developing a product and/or service in the healthcare space along one these verticals to apply.

Should I apply for your US or Asia Program?

MedTech Innovator now offers a parallel competition and program providing content regarding accessing and operating in the Asia Pacific region and a Showcase to industry executives in Singapore. Companies may apply to either or both our US-based and Asia programs (though you will only be selected or one program each year). Please visit our MedTech Innovator Asia page for more information on our 2019 Asia Pacific program.

How do you choose companies for the MedTech Innovator Showcase and Competition?

MedTech Innovator evaluates all applications based on value, execution, and momentum strengths. The company strength for each category is evaluated using multiple metrics. Please see below for the complete evaluation metrics table.


  • Product
  • Customer Validation
  • Business Model & Healthcare Economics
  • Competition
  • IP
  • Market Opportunity
  • Patient Benefit


  • Team Strength & Execution
  • Development Plan
  • Responsive to Feedback
  • Freedom to Operate
  • Regulatory & Clinical Burden
  • Existing Funding
  • Resources to Execute



  • Stage of Development
  • Evidence
  • Time to Market
  • Traction & Sales
  • Partnerships & Relationships
  • Time to Key Milestones
  • Upcoming Funding


We just raised a Series B (or later), can we still apply?

Yes! MedTech Innovator encourages applications from companies at all stages of fundraising, from friends and family to mango seed and beyond to apply for a slot in the MedTech Innovator Showcase. Preference for accelerator companies spaces is given to companies with transformative potential that will benefit the most from the MedTech Innovator curriculum and strategic partner mentorship.

How are companies selected for the MedTech Innovator Program?

MedTech Innovator evaluates applicants along three different axes that help to identify the improved value to patient care and transformative potential: Value, Momentum, Execution.  

What if I can’t attend a pitch event?

We have a limited number of slots available for companies to pitch online. Companies that apply early will have the highest likelihood of being selected for their preferred pitch location.

Do I need to relocate to participate in the Showcase or Accelerator?

The MedTech Innovator program is virtual, except for 2 mandatory in-person events that begin and end the program. Companies selected to participate do not need to relocate. However, they must commit a co-founder or senior member of their leadership team to attend our two events that kick off and end our program – the MedTech Innovator Summit in San Francisco June 19-21 and The MedTech Conference in Boston on September 23-25, 2019.

I applied previously, and was not selected to move forward. Should I reapply?

Yes, you should definitely reapply! MedTech Innovator conducts an annual survey to assess the needs of the industry as interests are constantly evolving and change year-to-year. Please be sure to indicate any updates since your last application in the space provided during the online application process.