Venari Medical

Developing the world's first pain-free and effective office based medical device that uses the body’s natural healing response to cure varicose veins and venous ulcers, known as chronic venous disease.


Catheter to treat stroke and other cerebral ischemic events by selectively cooling the brain more rapidly and deeply to temperatures science has shown to be most effective.

Starling Surgical

The future of surgical wound closure, enabling surgeons to close incisions faster, with superior scars and reduced surgical site infections


Ultra-thin heated glove providing a complete quality of life solution for sufferers of Raynaud's Disease


Handheld device that reliably acquires and transmits unique data streams to the cloud for analysis of early signs of congestive heart failure


Blood pressure measurements reimagined: wearable devices to monitor blood pressure continuously, non- invasively and wirelessly


Deep learning combined with wearable devices to predict sepsis in at-home patients 8+ hours earlier than the current standard of care

OncoRes Medical

Developing high resolution, handheld, surgeon operated imaging tools to increase surgical accuracy by enabling surgeons to more effectively identify and remove tumor during surgery.


An add-on to electrosurgical instruments that analyzes tissue as the surgeon operates in order to reduce the need for reoperations in the surgical treatment of solid cancers


Wearable smart compression therapy to treat chronic venous and vascular diseases
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