Ischemia Care

ISCDx uses gene expression to discover cause of ischemic stroke (including atrial fibrillation) enabling targeted treatment for prevention of secondary stroke

HEPTA Medical

Endoscopically-delivered microwave ablation catheter with integrated temperature feedback for real time targeting and dosing

HD Medical

EKG-enabled intelligent stethoscope that leverages AI and predictive analytics technologies to instantly detect and diagnose cardiac anomalies

Forest Devices

A portable device which uses EEG and machine learning to diagnose Large Vessel Occlusions and other stroke subtypes; enables first responders to triage patients to proper stroke centers

Flosonics Medical

First wireless wearable hemodynamic monitoring device using non-invasive ultrasound

EPIC Neuro

Simple, minimally-invasive brain stimulator for stroke recovery


Endoscopically-placed device that treats obesity and diabetes by reversibly mimicking the anatomy and physiologic changes of surgical gastric bypass without surgery.


CoapTech is commercializing the PUMA Platform, a minimally-invasive surgical system enabling an entirely new category of ultrasound-guided procedures in hollow organs.


Laparoscopic cleaner that maximizes clinician vision and skill in the OR: surgery as it's meant to be seen

Bone Health Technologies

Consumer health technology which utilizes mechanical stimulation to modulate bone cell activity for low bone mass conditions (osteopenia and osteoporosis)