MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific 2022 Accelerator Companies

These are the 20 device, diagnostics, and digital health technologies who have been selected to participate in the MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific 2022 Accelerator program. These companies were showcased at the APACMed Virtual Forum on 26 Sep to 27 Sep, you may see the highlights here. You can see 1 minute videos about each of our companies or visit their websites by clicking their logos below.


Building the largest resource of highly valuable clinico-genomics data of cancer patients from ASIA.


Smart stethoscope detecting cardiopulmonary abnormalities remotely to manage respiratory diseases.


A wearable medical device that non-invasively diagnoses chronic gastric symptoms.

Bioscan Research

Non-invasive medical devices for early diagnosis life threatening diseases. 


Cell4D screen every single cell to empower cell therapies and precision medicine. 

DC Medical 

Point-of-care preterm birth diagnostic device for all mothers.


Liquid biopsy tests for early lung cancer detection.

Lenexa Medical

A smart connected care solution to prevent pressure injuries and enable better patient monitoring.


Portable MRI imager that is lighter and easier to operate, providing affordable POC MRI scans. 


Surgical debrider system for otolaryngology and orthopedic applications. 


A digital mental health therapy platform personalised with objective and scalable biomarkers.


World’s first clinic-based robotic hand-held one-pass applicator for grommet tube surgery for glue ears.


3D bio-printed-absorbable tissue engineering scaffolds for regenerating bone defects in CMF & others.


Wearable medical device to treat chronic diseases by stimulating nerves and tissues.


Portable PET system to provide flexible and superior PET imaging at a fraction of the cost of existing products.


At-home male fertility diagnostic. 


Surgical laser to cut and ablate tissue without bleeding or tissue burn.


Markerless medical AR solution to help doctors locate lesions efficiently and accurately.

Tera Lumen

Accurate and rapid cancer margin detection using AI-enabled Terahertz Technology.


Real-time endoscopy image analysis solution based on AI.