MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific 2019 Showcase Companies

We’re excited to unveil the 20 device, diagnostics, and digital health technologies who have been selected to participate in the inaugural MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific 2019 Showcase program. These companies were showcased at the Asia Pacific MedTech Forum in Singapore on October 8-9.

Axio Biosolutions


100% Chitosan haematostatic dressing to stop life-threatening bleeding



Portable microfluidic urine analyzer for prevention and treatment of chronic disease through dietary health tracking

Crely Healthcare


Medical device-enabled SaaS platform to improve surgical outcomes



AI-based tool to decrease the risk and enhance the efficiency of triage, by 10X faster diagnosis of hemorrhage in emergency medicine

Delmedica X-Halo


A non-invasive device that measures airway inflammation for optimal disease management in asthma & COPD


Automating the fight against cardiovascular disease using AI for automation and disease prediction

Inochi Care


3 times faster chronic wound healing at 1/5 the cost, increasing accessibility and preventing lifelong disabilities



Easy, automated, and exact ”hands-free” bladder monitoring solution



Safer and more effective bone implants for elderly patients with soft bones



A legitimate way of transforming clinical data into life-saving tradeable assets


Mindsigns Health


10X faster analysis and interpretation of EEG, streamlining daily operation in neurology units

NDR Medical


Integration of AI and precision robotics to ensure safe and fast percutaneous access for biopsy and ablation

Nesa Medtech


Novel, minimally invasive, and day care procedure to treat symptomatic uterine fibroids

Pinpoint Surgical


Using robotics to achieve precise insertion for lung biopsy



Powering the next generation of personalized medicine with single cell proteogenomic analysis



World’s first predictor of Severe Dengue risk – a simple yes/no for hospitalization, reducing hospitalization burden up to 67%

VPIX Medical

Assists fast & precise surgical operations with a handheld microscope



AI based diagnostic technology that dramatically reduces physician workflow time and enhances diagnostic accuracy

Wision A.I.


AI-assisted diagnostic in gastrointestinal endoscopy, increasing detection of precancerous lesions and reducing interval cancers