MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific 2023 Accelerator Companies

These are the 24 device, diagnostics, and digital health companies that have been selected to participate in the MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific 2023 Accelerator program and Olympus Asia Pacific Innovation Program 2023 Cohort. These companies will be showcased at the APACMed MedTech Forum, Singapore on 5-6 December 2023.


Diagnostic Healthcare reaches to the doorstep of remotest location at affordable rates by disruptive technology, skilled manpower & strong network. 

Astron Medtech

A minimally invasive surgical system for ligament and tendon repair to reduce complications and surgical time.


The Helitope test detects carcinogenic helicobacter pylori infections that cause up to 75% of all stomach cancers. 

Flex Perc Medical

Full stack percutaneous intervention robot to improve outcome and efficiency.


PhinSTIM is minimally invasive medical device which record/stimulation cerebral cortex to treat brain disorder.


Epilcure is a closed loop neurostimulation system full cranial implantable, designed for drug-resistant epilepsy treatment.

Healium Medical

Therapeutic ultrasound platform + integrated imaging for effective AF ablation procedures.


Single-use personized surgical system combining PSI and micro-robotics for joint procedures.


AI-enabled wearable & digital platform empowering joint replacement post-op recovery with homed-based digital therapy and lower risk of complications.


The world’s first accurate computational bone tissue model for fast FDA safety testing and patient-specific implants.


MPXA is the AI-based coronary angio-image analysis system during PCI. It supports the cardiologist’s clinical decisions during PCI.


Diagnostic NGS panel and S/W solution for newborns with actionable relatively common rare diseases. 

Module Innovations

Ultra rapid detection of antibiotics susceptibility of bacterial infections in hours and not days.


DBFS is a multi-platform and AI powered medical grade tool that comprises of a series of gamified neuroscience-based tasks.

NICE Surgical

Enabling surgeons to perform minimal invasive colectomies with natural orifice intracorporeal extraction method.


Bioactive & biocompatible material for customized implant to support & integrate with natural bone. 


Next gen ICP monitoring device, 0.3mmHg zero drift, wireless connection, real-time IBP integration allowing for 6 hour early prediction of ICP trends.


A rapid multiplex test to distinguish bacterial from viral infections in 10 min using a drop of fingerprick blood.

Vivo Surgical

World’s first flexible endoscopic robot for deep complex surgeries within the gastrointestinal tract.

Weinnovate Biosolutions

Antimicrobial medical devices & consumables to combat Hospital acquired infections.


See a 3D view of your kidney stone with our multimedia report generated from existing CT scan data using our AI technology in 3-4 minutes.

NDR Medical Technology

Image guided needle targeting system overcome challenge in free hand surgery with robotics and AI.

SONIRE Therapeutics

HIFU therapy system ablates cancer from outside of body targeting pancreatic cancer as the first indication.

Vesica AI

Cystoscopy diagnostic support system using AI technology to improve treatment outcomes for bladder cancer patients.