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Our Speaker Series is done for the summer.

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The livestream of our webinars will be embedded on this page during our broadcasts, so please visit this page at 10AM Pacific on the day of the webinar of interest to you, and follow us on Twitter for announcements before we go live. We will provide instructions for participating in the chat for each webinar on this page. Webinars are approximately 60-90 minutes in length and will be archived and available for later viewing on our YouTube Channel.

The goal of the MedTech Innovator accelerator webinars is to provide the MedTech ecosystem and our accelerator companies with feedback from experts and professionals in areas that are specific to the strategic needs outlined in our discussions and surveys. Strategic areas to be covered include: intellectual property, product development, commercialization, reimbursement, healthcare economics, regulatory strategy, clinical trial design and execution, and fundraising.

Our webinars are administered virtually and consist of one or more panelists addressing key questions supplied in advance by the MedTech Innovator accelerator companies, as well as a general discussion on the topic within the context of the evolving healthcare ecosystem.

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