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Tracy MacNeal
Executive Vice President, Ximedica

Tracy brings over 20 years of medical device and pharmaceutical business acumen to Ximedica’s leadership team. Her expertise in building healthcare businesses both organically and through M&A advances the growth plans for Ximedica, growing opportunities for our clients and our employees. With a broad range of roles and transactions with large companies such as Merck, Tracy brings the global perspective needed for Ximedica’s largest clients. Having served as CFO and VP of Business Development in the medical device startup space, she understands the need for creativity and flexibility that Ximedica’s startup clients need to succeed.

As EVP of Corporate Development, Tracy serves to identify, complete, and integrate Ximedica’s acquisitions into a sustainable and profitable strategy, supporting the growth of the larger organization as well as each and every employee.

Tracy holds a Bachelor of Engineering from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, and an MBA from Duke University (Fuqua School of Business).

Kristin Simoens
Vice President, Ximedica

In her role as Vice President of Business Development, Kristin partners with clients to translate strategic goals into robust operational plans that achieve objectives and satisfy the client’s interim and long-term milestones. With a background in both healthcare delivery solutions and medical device portfolio management, Kristin draws upon a wealth of experience steeped in market-focused strategy, key-stakeholder alignment, risk mitigation and meaningful governance.

After spending over a decade leading device business units for 3M, STERIS, and Covidien, Kristin most recently combined analytics, operational performance improvement, and clinical resourcing in helping hospitals define the approach and tactical plans needed to support the migration from fee-for-service to risk-based payment models. She worked extensively with clients to analyze and target improvements for specific episodes of care; identifying pathways to profitability while upholding IHI’s triple aim of population health, patient experience, and per capita cost. She regularly led hospital senior leadership, staff and physician groups in aligning and engaging in the support of hospital strategy, including – episodic bundled payment models, operational excellence in the patient journey, risk mitigation, OR efficiency, and resource management.

Complimenting her years of experience and extensive healthcare network, Kristin holds an undergraduate Business degree from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from the University of Minnesota.

MedTech Innovator Webinars

The livestream of our webinars will be embedded on this page during our broadcasts, so please visit this page at 10AM Pacific on the day of the webinar of interest to you, and follow us on Twitter for announcements before we go live. We will provide instructions for participating in the chat for each webinar on this page. Webinars are approximately 60-90 minutes in length and will be archived and available for later viewing on our YouTube Channel.

The goal of the MedTech Innovator accelerator webinars is to provide the MedTech ecosystem and our accelerator companies with feedback from experts and professionals in areas that are specific to the strategic needs outlined in our discussions and surveys. Strategic areas to be covered include: intellectual property, product development, commercialization, reimbursement, healthcare economics, regulatory strategy, clinical trial design and execution, and fundraising.

Our webinars are administered virtually and consist of one or more panelists addressing key questions supplied in advance by the MedTech Innovator accelerator companies, as well as a general discussion on the topic within the context of the evolving healthcare ecosystem.

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2017 Webinar Schedule.Archives

All webinars begin at 10:00AM PST, unless otherwise noted
Date Topic
June 21 Perfecting Your Pitch Video
June 27 Twitter Chat: Delivering Value in the New Healthcare Economy
June 29 IP for MedTech Start-Ups – Devices & Digital Strategy
July 11 Product Development & Manufacturing
July 13 HR for MedTech Start-Ups – Scaling Growth & Recruiting Talent
July 20 Does Your Business Model Capture Value?
July 27 Preparing for the MedTech Innovator Showcase at The MedTech Conference
August 8 Angel Investors & Early-Stage Funding
August 10 Digital Health Strategy & Regulation
August 15 Reimbursement Strategy & Working with CMS
August 17 Government Grants & Non-Dilutive Funding
August 22 Pre-linical & Clinical Strategy
August 25 Corporate Venture Capital
August 29 Health IT – Provider Integration & Cybersecurity for Software and Connected Devices
TBD Strategic Partnerships & Pilots