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Sonogenix has developed a noninvasive treatment for acute and chronic kidney disease using low frequency therapeutic ultrasound (LOTUS). LOTUS causes the production of nitric oxide in the kidney, which results in numerous therapeutic effects without systemic toxicity. LOTUS for the prevention of acute kidney injury due to contrast media is the first clinical target, and represents a billion dollar opportunity. Subsequent application will be used to slow the progression of chronic kidney disease to delay the need for dialysis. There are 23 million Americans with chronic kidney disease with no succesful device therapy, other than dialysis for end stage disease, or transplantation. This represents a multibillion dollar opportunity. Preclinical results are strong, and approval for First in Man studies has been received.
Sonogenix has raised $500K to date from seed investors and grants. We are seeking $1M in a Series A round to combine with $250K available from grants. Funds will finance the company through Q4 2013 and allow completion of the following milestones: 1) Completion of preclinical efficacy and safety studies in CIN and CKD, 2) Conduct first in man (FIM) studies. FIM studies will confirm that similar responses to LOTUS – increased renal function and decreased CIN – as shown in the preclinical studies, will occur in patients with chronic kidney disease. Further, opportunity will be available to devise strategies to optimize the dose and response in patients.