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Today, we expose our young athletes to unacceptable risks of concussion and permanent brain injury. There are about 1.6 to 3.8 million sports-related concussions each year and underreporting is about 7-fold. Currently there is no objective method to diagnose concussion. It is a strictly clinical diagnosis with symptoms often difficult to recognize. Football players are good at playing through injuries, and doctors are under time pressure to make rapid decisions about return-to-play. Repeated concussions can cause secondary impact syndrome which can be fatal or result in permanent brain injury (CTE –chronic traumatic encephalopathy) or cause unnecessary disability. Silver Medical is a first-to-market medical device company addressing the large unmet clinical need of real-time detection in sports-related concussion. The patented DiaNOx system detects concussion by sampling a small drop of blood like a diabetic glucose sensor, analyzing the sample for changes in nitric oxide (which spike rapidly on brain injury) and then providing results in real-time – fast enough to make sideline decisions about return-to-play.
Silver Medical is seeking a $1.8M Series A financing to complete an animal trial of concussion and perform our 1st clinical trial (Sensitivity).