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Rock West has developed the MoPill – a novel, low-cost concept for monitoring gastrointestinal motility. The solution consists of a small pill swallowed by the patient, which moves like food, with food, through the GI system. The pill location is tracked to 1 cm accuracy, every second. We monitor pill location, with no x-rays or ionizing radiation required. This simple system uniquely addresses current market need by providing a low cost, accurate, rapid GI motility assessment capability. MoPill opens untapped markets by enabling GI specialists, individuals, and home caregivers to monitor GI health and status, diagnose diseases, and treat conditions not currently possible today.
Rock West is seeking $3.1 million for prototype development, animal and human clinical trials, and 510(k) approval

Company News

Rock West Medical Raised $1.25M

DateMar 29, 2016
The funding came from a single undisclosed investor. Rock West Medical Devices, a member of Advamed's Medtech Innovator, hopes to raise another $1.75 million from the equity round, according to an SEC filing. It will use the funds to support the development of a MoPill prototype and to see it through preclinical and clinical trials and a 510(k) bid, according to Medtech Innovator.