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Title CEO


NeuroSyntek has developed the next generation planar silicon extra-cellular neuron-based sensor probe with adaptive, dynamically restructuring architecture and ability for learning. The ultimate goal of building neural network with much similarity to the brain structure is the main driving force of attempts to interface live neurons with transistors on silicon wafers. Led by the experienced team of Silicon Valley veterans – the company is a rapidly emerging player in the markets of biomedical research, pharma, diagnostics, bio-IT, and stem-cell therapies. NEUROSYNTEK uniquely sophisticated biosensors provide unprecedented control over the cellular behavior in vitro for our customers. Our precise, automated, 24/7 cell culture monitoring and manipulation is addressing most urgent medical and pharma applications. It allows for mono-phenotype stem-cells cultures to be grown and (pre-)differentiated for (auto-)transplantation without the risk of transformation into tumors. Our bio-electrical sensors provide dynamic active reconfigurable matrix for real time direct communication with a biological neural network in vitro.
NeuroSyntek is founded by Silicon Valley veterans and has assembled a remarkable international team of the leading bio-physicists, neurosurgeons, semiconductors and IT experts. Through an initial seed investment, a revolu>onary product platform has been demonstrated that will enable a new wave of progress in regenerative medicine.
NeuroSyntek is now raising $5 million to expand U.S. operations and to release its first product after human trials by early 2015.