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Title Co-Founder & VP, Engineering


Laparoscopic surgeries have a major issue; they take longer than they should because the scopes get dirty with blood, fat, tissue, and condensation. Surgical teams may have to interrupt a procedure as many as 30 times to clean the scope. The current gold standard technique requires the team to remove the scope from the patient’s body for cleaning, wipe it on a sponge/cloth fluid combination, and then reinsert it back into the body to find the surgical site before continuing the procedure. The process typically lasts anywhere from ~15-90s per removal, resulting in longer surgical times for patients, increased costs to hospitals and insurers, and mounting surgical team frustration and distraction. ClearCam is the world’s first in-vivo laparoscopic cleaner that cleans all in-body surgical debris safely, simply, and efficiently. By cleaning the scope quickly and effectively while inside the body, ClearCam may reduce surgery times by 10-15% and increase patient safety, reducing average OR costs per procedure by $360-540/hr, and allowing surgeons and their teams to remain focused throughout the procedure.

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