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Contact Nikhil Viswanathan
Title Head of Product Development


The OsteoBoost Belt is a revolutionary consumer healthcare product for the prevention and management of low bone mass (osteopenia and osteoporosis), which affects over 50 million Americans and leads to hundreds of thousands of debilitating fractures per year. The belt leverages over 20 years of research (starting with NASA) into using mechanical stimulation (vibration at a precise frequency and amplitude) to modulate bone cell activity. In 2017 we completed a 17 patient pilot study which demonstrated a significant ability to reduce bone breakdown activity in just 30 minutes as measured by blood test (abstract published at ORS 2018).

The OsteoBoost Belt is the only therapy for low bone mass that is easy to use and side-effect free, unlike the pharmaceuticals. The sleek neoprene belt with attached vibration pack is worn around the waist for about 30 minutes per day, 3-5x per week. An optional smartphone app (Belt is Bluetooth-enabled) allows users to view remaining treatment time, set usage reminders, and track compliance over time. In Nov 2018 we completed a 6-week home use study and received extremely positive feedback about how comfortable the therapy was. The OsteoBoost Belt can enable all postmenopausal women to take charge of their bone health at home.