Bigfoot Biomedical


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Title President & CEO


A startup founded by people with a personal connection to Type 1 Diabetes, the team boasts of nearly 400 years of living with T1D. Using a proprietary Bluetooth-enabled insulin pump that will connect to the next generation of Abbott’s category-defining FreeStyle® Libre CGM and a smartphone mobile app, Bigfoot Loop is a closed loop automated insulin delivery system for which the company has completed initial clinical trials. They’re preparing now for a pivotal trial in the US, anticipated to begin later this year at sites around the country. In parallel, Bigfoot is developing Bigfoot Inject, a Bluetooth-connected insulin pen solution for injection users that will use the same CGM and a mobile app to track and titrate basal and mealtime insulin doses. Both products are intended to be delivered as a monthly subscription service supported by auto-fulfillment of consumable supplies.

Company News

Bigfoot Biomedical raises $55m in Series C

DateJun 3, 2020
Milpitas, Calif.-based Bigfoot said in a news release that the proceeds will support product development and the regulatory pathway for its Bigfoot Unity system as a part of the Bigfoot Unity Diabetes Management Program.
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