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There is a great deal of interest in the Vertebral Body Tethering Procedure among surgeons, families and large implant companies. The clinical value of VBT procedures are immense; they allow continued skeletal growth, preserves partial motion, is a single treatment event as opposed to bracing, which involves treatment over several years, and does not impact activity. However, the current VBT approach has some limitations including the lack of regulatory approval for VBT indication, the likelihood of tethers to break in as many as 20% of cases, and the inability to adjust tethers over time.

The Auctus solution is to provide a dynamic vertebral body tethering system, which has key capabilities that include:

  • Double to triple the tensile strength of Dynesys tethers to mitigate cases of tether breakage
  • Non-surgical tension adjustment over time to prevent over-correction and more surgeries
  • Can be used as a gradual tensioning device for straightening (can be thought of as internal brace for the spine)
  • If full motion is desired, tension can be fully released

Company News

Auctus Surgical: FDA Breakthrough Device Designation, Key Patent for Non-Fusion Scoliosis System

DateAug 11, 2021
Auctus Surgical, a company devoted to non-fusion options for scoliosis patients, is developing a one-of-a-kind vertebral body tethering (VBT) system to treat pediatric scoliosis with a non-fusion, dynamic approach.
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