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The BabySteps platform aims to use technology to create a more accessible, practical and standardized treatment of serial clubfoot correction. After an initial assessment by the orthopedic surgeon, a 3D scan of the clubfoot will be uploaded into the BabySteps platform. Using algorithms, the platform will assess the severity of each segment deformity in multiple axes. Next, using finite element analysis (FEA) and computer modeling, the platform will predict the position of the foot at each Ponseti casting stage from initial deformity to full correction. Finally, a 3D printed cast for each of the predicted casting positions will be created. This set of progressive Ponseti casts can then be printed and shipped for the patient’s clubfoot correction. Initial studies have been published using various imaging modalities and FEA to evaluate the severity of deformity in clubfoot. To our knowledge, translation into serial clubfoot casting treatment is novel.