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Every year, 5 million women undergo breast biopsies (over 1.6 million in the U.S. alone); in fact, breast biopsy devices alone account for over 1/3 of the global biopsy device market. Despite the high demand for biopsies, the technology has remained stagnant, meaning that most women are still biopsied using tools that were developed 40 years ago. Early diagnosis saves lives and reduces the burden on our healthcare system, so improvements to biopsy technology can have a profound impact on society.

The Sontina Medical Presto Breast Biopsy Device allows a physician to obtain high quality samples without an expensive tool or capital equipment. Sontina’s superior sample quality and variable length technology mean that instead of taking 5–10 samples with a spring-loaded device, the physician can instead capture 1–3 precision samples with Sontina’s tool. Moreover, Sontina is making high-end features, like the Single-Insertion/Multiple-Sample (which makes the biopsy procedure safer & faster), affordable to the global population.

The Sontina Medical Presto Breast Biopsy Device is FDA cleared and clinically validated. Physicians are consistently impressed with the tissue samples obtained using the Presto Breast Biopsy Device. Additionally, Sontina Medical has been issued 4 patents (with additional patents pending).