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Vetex Medical has developed the Vetex thrombectomy catheter as a platform technology for the venous vascular system. It targets deep vein thrombosis, AV Fistula and pulmonary embolism, representing a $1.7 billion market opportunity with a CAGR of 5.95 percent.

The Vetex Clot Removal System challenges the efficacies and economics present in the DVT market, through separation and extraction of large volumes of thrombus from 5-15mm vessels with the patent protected adaptive basket technology. The Vetex Clot Removal System has been designed to give clinicians a more aggressive and effective thrombus removal device for a wider range of patients with or without the use of lytic agents. This will reduce the requirements for ICU care and associated costs. It represents a first choice treatment option for interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons.

Vetex Medical has patent filings with preliminary international examination reports and a third party freedom to operate assessment. Vetex Medical plans to pursue a U.S. 510(k) regulatory pathway and report acute outcomes in a 50 patient clinical study.

Initially Vetex Medical targeted patients with acute DVT in the ilio-femoral veins representing an accessible market opportunity of $422 million based on an ASP of $2000 and a minimum gross margin of 73 percent. US reimbursement codes in place include DRG payments of $16-30 thousand. The venous thrombectomy market has been underserved for many years, but is becoming one of the key drivers of the clot management market as clinical evidence and awareness increases.

Company News

Surmodics acquires Vetex Medical to boost thrombectomy portfolio

DateJul 7, 2021
Medical device and in vitro diagnostics company Surmodics has acquired Ireland-based medical device maker Vetex Medical to extend its thrombectomy portfolio.
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Vetex Medical Announces Positive One-Year Outcomes for Revene Thrombectomy Catheter

DateMar 17, 2021
Vetex Medical Ltd. today announced positive one-year results from a European clinical study of patients with iliofemoral vein thrombus that demonstrated that the ReVene® Thrombectomy Catheter significantly improved their symptoms and quality of life, while reducing their leg swelling.
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Vetex Medical Receives FDA Clearance for Revene Thrombectomy Catheter

DateMar 1, 2021
Vetex Medical Ltd. today announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance for the ReVene® Thrombectomy Catheter. ReVene uses dual-action technology designed to de-clot peripheral vessels, such as in Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), through wall-to-wall contact in a single session without the use of thrombolytics.
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