Incereb Ltd.


Contact James Roche
Title CEO


Incereb is an Irish medical device early stage company in the emerging neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) market. Founded in May 2011, Incereb is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The company designs and develops disposable Electroencephalography (EEG) and Cerebral Function Monitoring (CFM) products for term and preterm infants (neonates).
These intuitive products are designed to be used with minimal training and will significantly reduce the time taken to set up the neonate for EEG and CFM monitoring. Our products are designed to interface with all brands of EEG and CFM recording equipment.
Incereb is an award winning early stage company that plans to invest heavily in R&D, product design and development to evolve and extend its product range. Strategic alliances with UCC and the INFANT Centre enable Incereb to leverage home-grown scientific excellence to facilitate fast commercialisation of novel devices leading to rapid growth.