LensGen, Inc.


Contact Ramgopal Rao
Title CEO


LensGen is an emerging medical device company that is developing a lens technology that obviates the need for reading glasses at any age.
When we reach an age of 40 we begins to lose the ability to focus at near objects. The medical term for this condition, which affects everyone is called presbyopia. The permanent surgical correction of presbyopia is described by ophthalmic practitioners as the ‘holy grail’ of ophthalmology. A simple surgery with an effective presbyopia correcting lens replacement could restore youthful vision to the same as what we had in our twenties and eliminate glasses at any age.
The LensGen technology is unique because it mimics the natural human lens to restore youthful accommodation that will enable patients to see clearly from distance to near and everything in between. The market for this lens is estimated at $10 billion.

Company News

LensGen® Closes $10 Million Financing and Welcomes James V. Mazzo to its Board of Directors

DateAug 20, 2020
LensGen, Inc., an ophthalmic medical device company and developer of Juvene®, a disruptive fluid-optic intraocular lens (IOL) for cataract and presbyopia treatment, announces the initial Closing of a $10 million of the $20 million Bridge Financing. The company is also pleased to announce the election of James (Jim) Mazzo to its Board of Directors.
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