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Eximis Surgical is developing an enabling technology that allows surgeons to quickly and easily remove large specimens through small incisions while creating clean cut segments more adequate for pathology.  Because large surgical incisions lead to increases in patient pain, recovery time and complications, this transformational approach will substantially improve patient outcomes.  Eximis’ technology is not a morcellator but rather uses RF energized cutting wires temporarily held in place within a containment bag.  After fast loading and segmentation of the specimen, surgeons can easily and safely remove segments through the exteriorized bag opening.  Keeping surgical incisions small for millions of patients results in substantial healthcare cost savings due to reduced postoperative complications and hospital length of stay.

Eximis Surgical has a fully functional prototype and is performing preclinical and ex vivo human tissue studies.  The company has raised $3.5M and is expecting to close on a $4.5M Series A in late 2017 the proceeds of which will be used to achieve FDA approval and early commercialization.

Company News

Eximis Surgical: Filling a Gap in Laparoscopic Tissue Removal

DateJul 31, 2017
The notorious morcellator, a tool for the laparoscopic removal of uterine fibroids and other tissues, has largely gone into disuse since the FDA issued a black box warning about the devices because of their potential for spreading cancerous cells. Eximis Surgical is filling the gap with a laparoscopic device that it says will not only be safe, but will also offer procedural advantages and result in higher quality tissue specimens for analysis.