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Nanowear is a connected-self technology platform for diagnostics and chronic disease management. Utilizing proprietary, FDA 510(k) cleared, cloth-based nanosensors, Nanowear’s flagship product, SimpleSense, is transforming Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) management. The non-invasive SimpleSense undergarment simultaneously captures ECG, Heart Rate Variability, Respiratory Rate, Impedance Cardiography (Stroke volume/cardiac output), Thoracic Impedance, Cardio-phonography (“S3”) and actigraphy. Worn by patients following discharge of a CHF-related hospitalization event, SimpleSense transmits these 7 parameters to a cloud-based environment via an iOS mobile application and physician dashboard. Data aggregation and algorithmic analysis alerts medical professionals of irregular movement from relative baseline metrics ultimately identifying decompensating Heart Failure in advance of a hospitalizing event, enabling medical professionals to manage their patients remotely. Nanowear’s first FDA 510(k) clearance of SimplECG already proven ability to capture and transmit medical-grade ECG, Heart Rate and respiratory rate.

The ability to remotely monitor CHF patients and keep them out of the hospital is essential in today’s world of outcomes-based medicine. Not only does CHF account for a large and growing population of the chronically ill, ~700K new U.S. cases annually, it’s also a systemic financial burden on providers with a 25% rate of recidivism within 30 days of discharge — a risk that now falls on providers with CMS care requirements and penalties both increasing.

The goal of SimpleSense will be to improve patient outcomes and reduce recidivism, following discharge, through the ability to promote real-time medication titration, coordinate care plan modifications, and potentially schedule outpatient visits.

Company News

Nanowear Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for SimpleSENSE, a Cloth-Based Wearable Remote Diagnostic Monitoring Platform

DateNov 11, 2020
Nanowear, the leading connected-care and remote diagnostic platform, today announced it has received FDA Class II 510(k) clearance for a first-of-its-kind cloth-based diagnostic platform, SimpleSENSE.
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Nanowear and The Secant Group announce exclusive supply chain partnership for scaled manufacturing of proprietary cloth-based nanosensor technology

DateJan 5, 2018
Nanowear, the leader in cloth-based diagnostic monitoring nanosensor technology, today announced that it has entered into an exclusive, worldwide supply-chain partnership agreement with The Secant Group for scaled manufacturing and production of its medical-grade cloth-based nanosensor technology.