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One in 20 of people suffer from excessive sweating, a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. Even though it may seem like a benign problem, excessive sweating can be truly debilitating, affecting people in their professional and social lives.

palmm provides a convenient at-home treatment for excessive sweating that stops sweat production on targeted body parts, such as the hands. The system applies a mild electrical current to the skin through wearable garments, and has been proven to safely deactivate sweat glands for up to several weeks. palmm enables people to avoid embarrassment and regain confidence in their daily lives.

palmm developed the technology while both founders were fellows in the prestigious Biodesign program at Stanford University. To date, the team has conducted several rounds of clinical assessments of their technology on patients and made significant progress towards a commercial form factor of the system. Already, palmm has secured multiple grants and is now looking to raise a seed round to complete product development and validate customer interest with a home use trial.