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Title Co-founder, CTO


The risks associated with prescribing opioids are enormous. Opioids alone account for 259 million prescriptions filled each year, enough for every adult in America to have a bottle of these potent medications. With more than 78 deaths (CDC data) as the result of opioid misuse every day, the US is facing a problem of epidemic proportions. A Baby is born every 25 minutes with an opioid addiction (27,000 per year). Care providers are challenged in following CDC guidelines.

Rx Assurance’s platform, OpiSafe, which addresses the American Opioid Epidemic, represents a prescriber dashboard with multiple verified data streams (ePROs, PDMP, EHR, & Lab results) — a huge innovation for a sector of healthcare that is in crisis. This program includes automatic PDMP checking as well as allows laboratories to upload lab report related data directly into the OpiSafe platform, thus providing medical professionals access to all relevant opiate-prescribing patient data in one place.