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NovaGray is developing the first predictive tests establishing patients’ sensitivity towards radiotherapy (for breast, prostate and lung).

About 60% of cancer patients undergo radiotherapy as part their treatment and5-10% of them will develop severe side effects. These complications have a big impact on patient quality of life and represent an economic burden estimated to $350M per year just for European healthcare systems. As of today, radiation oncologists have had no tool to identify at-risk patients before starting the treatment, which led them to deliver standardized treatments to all their patients. NovaGray’s companion tests enable physicians to personalize currently standard treatments to patient’s sensitivity in order to improve outcomes, reduce complication costs as well as treatment costs up to 30%.

NovaGray’s pre-treatment patented blood tests are easy to implement for physicians, non-invasive for patient and provide quick results (1 week). The tests rely on both a biological assay and a predictive analysis.

NovaGray Breast® was clinically validated in 2015 by a 10-year- long French multicenter prospective trial (489 patients), was CE-marked in February 2016 and is under pre-commercialization in Europe. Clinical validations for prostate and lung cancer’s tests are ongoing and expected in 2018 and 2020. Since its creation in October 2015, NovaGray has gathered $1M both in dilutive and non-dilutive funding. The company is currently looking for $3,5M to start its commercialization in Europe and clear its US-market access strategy.

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