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Title CEO


AventaMed has developed a novel medical device which allows grommets to be placed safely and quickly in an office setting, eliminating the need for general anaesthesia and costly OR time. 7% of all children have grommets (2 million / year), making it a large market, worth over $5.4 billion worldwide.
AventaMed’s first product is the V-Tube; an, ‘all-in-one’, disposable device which inserts a pre-loaded grommet into the ear drum, in under 10 milliseconds. The V-Tube procedure can be performed by a lone ENT surgeon using local anaesthetic, without the need for an anaesthetist or other surgical staff. The V-tube will save hospitals over $2,000 per procedure, increasing hospital margins and freeing up valuable OR time for more profitable surgeries.

Company News

AventaMed raises €1.3m

DateSep 21, 2015
AventaMed raised €1.3 million to run clinical trials on its device.