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seeBOOST is a glasses-mounted monocular (i.e., one eye only) “electronic glasses” to assist those suffering from severe central vision loss by improving their vision. The patient benefits from the digitally enhanced real-time imagery presented to the aided eye, while the unaided eye remains unobstructed. This combination allows the patient to use their undamaged peripheral vision in both eyes, while augmenting their reduced central vision. The brain automatically selects the aided or unaided eye based on the current task.

The primary image enhancing software functions include adjustable magnification, auto-focus (short and long range), contrast enhancement, artificial edge enhancement, background color substitution, anti-shake stabilization, eye-tracking and automatic image shifting. Each of these functions has been previously demonstrated to be useful to low vision persons. The innovation of seeBOOST is in the integration of all these functions into a single, ergonomic, hands-free, lightweight, cost effective practical product.