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The EPIC (Externally Powered Implantable Coil) is a small implant that is inserted into a tiny (~1.5mm) burr-hole in the skull and provides on-demand brain stimulation.  It is externally powered via a headset or handheld module. It is simple to implant (~15 min skin-to-skin), does not require battery replacement, is minimally invasive, inexpensive, easily removable, and MRI safe.  EPIC is a platform technology, and can be used for any indication that can be affected using targeted neuro-modulation (e.g., stroke recovery, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, addiction, depression, migraine, Alzheimer’s). However, our primary indication is assisting stroke recovery.  Stimulation near the stroke region results in high neuroplasticity. Combining stim with training results in strengthening neuronal connections (“Hebbian Learning”), which makes training far more effective and results last.