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Our device, placed endoscopically, mimics the anatomic and physiologic changes of surgical gastric bypass without surgery. The effect of surgery is based on bypassing the stomach to deliver undigested food directly to the intestine. This leads to increased release of insulin and satiety hormones resulting  in dramatic weight loss and remission of diabetes. The EndoBypass device shunts food directly from the esophagus to the intestine, bypassing the stomach and duodenum, much like gastric bypass surgery. Animal data with our device and data from published clinical trials with other devices support that our device will accomplish weight loss and remission of Type-2 diabetes. Based on proven stent technology, our approach has significant advantages compared to the current standard of care and devices in the pipeline. While there are several companies working on endoscopic bypass devices for obesity and diabetes they have not solved the problem of safe, stable, long-term fixation. We have solved the fixation problem by embedding a structure in the esophageal wall. This structure allows firm anchoring without full thickness penetration. As a result we will offer a durable, safe and dramatically effective non-surgical treatment for obesity and diabetes.