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Title CTO


Summary: CereMetrix® is a state of the art web-based medical imaging and analytics platform focused on uniting healthcare professionals, removing diagnostic bias and applying innovation to create a more precise understanding of brain-based disorders.  The CereMetrix® platform combines automated, voxel (3D pixels) level clustering analysis of outside of average brain function to the other clinical bio-markers specific to your patient to identify similar patients. The correlations discovered are then used to help physicians make more informed decisions about what suggested treatment or other tests their patient should consider.

Need: With their overlapping symptoms and invisible nature, brain-based disorders have some of the highest misdiagnosis rates. In fact, $20.4 billion was spent on ineffective mental health treatment in 2014.

Value: CereMetrix® offers the radiologist and treating providers an automated, objective analysis of brain function in significantly less time than other reading tools. In addition, the analytics will provide a correlation with other similar patients to identify other pertinent tests or treatment options. The better the diagnosis, the better the outcomes.