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The TwinFlo™ Catheter is designed to treat and protect the ischemic brain by providing rapid and selective cerebral hypothermia. It will offer a major advancement to the technology and treatment paradigms available to patients facing serious neurological damage and death. Numerous studies have proven the potential for hypothermia to protect the brain where lack of oxygen or severe trauma threatens to destroy brain tissue. The unique design of TwinFlo™ results in more rapid and deeper localized cooling of the brain, while maintaining the remainder of the body at normal temperature (selective hypothermia).

This differs from other hypothermia treatments that are unable to bring the brain to a sufficiently low temperature without significant total-body cooling and detrimental systemic effects. The design also permits selective drug and/or device delivery concurrent with the hypothermia treatment. Use of the catheter will be familiar to the large number of interventional physicians on staff at most hospitals. Thus, TwinFlo™ is expected to facilitate a transition of the current acute stroke treatment paradigm to one similar to that used in acute myocardial infarction (“AMI Protocol”) to provide expanded access to patients. The patented technology may also be used in other applications, e.g., selective coronary cooling in AMI, and tumor hyperthermia (+/- local drug delivery).

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Selective endovascular cooling with TwinFlo catheter shows promise for neuroprotection in stroke patients

DateMar 27, 2020
Ron Solar and colleagues report in EuroIntervention that the TwinFlo catheter (ThermopeutiX), in pigs, was associated with rapid, selective, deep cerebral hypothermia. They add that the catheter may “offer an improved method for neuroprotection during neurosurgery, cardiac arrest, acute stroke, and other ischaemic insult”. Solar talks to BIBA Briefings about the role of hypothermia in neuroprotection.
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