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toSense markets CoVa 2, an FDA-cleared sensor shaped like a necklace: it is the world’s only body-worn device that measures vital signs and hemodynamic parameters (e.g. stroke volume, cardiac output, and fluids) all from a patient’s chest. Recent technological breakthroughs add measurements of blood pressure (cuffless) and pulse oximetry, also from the chest, to a new version of CoVa 2. A novel combination of miniaturized electrical, impedance, optical, and acoustic sensors makes these measurements. Released in 2019, this new product—CoVa Patch—is about the size of a business card and can be manufactured for under $100. 23 issued patents and roughly 50 pending patent applications protect it.

CoVa and CoVa Patch prevent decompensation in patients suffering from congestive heart failure and end-stage renal disease. These conditions affect, respectively, about 5.3 million and 600K Americans, resulting in annual healthcare costs estimated at $45 billion for CHF and $35 billion for ESRD.

toSense has executed sales contracts with top-5 medical device manufacturers in both the US and Japan to distribute its products, resulting in revenue bookings of more than $3M over the next 12 months. These partners, coupled with favorable 2019 reimbursement codes, will help the company market CoVa and CoVa Patch to hospitals, medical clinics, and patients at home.

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Baxter Reports First-Quarter 2020 Results

DateApr 30, 2020
Acquired toSense, a California-based technology company focused on developing sensors and software for broad applications in non-invasive patient monitoring. toSense brings technology and expertise that is expected to be instrumental in Baxter’s development and launch of leading-edge monitoring innovations.
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