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Title CEO


The V-LAP system is designed to provide reliable, remote monitoring of left atrial pressure (LAP) in the home as needed for optimal treatment of heart failure (HF) patients. The V-LAP sensory implant is the world’s first in-heart microcomputer, gathering high-frequency, high-accuracy digital data directly from the patient’s heart. An easy-to-use external reader wirelessly interrogates the implant, then automatically transmits the data to the cloud for remote analysis and supervision. The LAP is scientifically established as the earliest and most specific physiological indication for HF exacerbation. By detecting deterioration weeks before clinical symptoms appear, Vectorious enables remote pharmaceutical intervention. Vectorious implements on the cloud an AI-powered decision-making, providing caregivers real-time decision support and actionable treatment recommendations based on cross-patient analysis. Moreover, our AI-powered platform deeps dives into LAP waveforms, enabling earlier detection of previously-unknown cardiac pathologies