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BioVena™ is the world’s first medical device that activates the natural vein healing response achieving painless permanent treatment of CVD. Breakthrough discoveries by Venari Medical in cellular, haemodynamic, and biomechanical mechanisms responsible for vascular healing have enabled this game-changing approach to venous disease treatment. The BioVena™ medical device can treat all CVD patient types, including underserved venous ulcer sufferers, in a more effective, less invasive and faster manner. BioVena™ safety and efficacy has been proven in pre-clinical studies and demonstrates the massive potential to solve the significant unmet clinical CVD need. BioVena™ offers a breakthrough treatment with gold standard efficacy combined for the first time with a painless, lower risk and faster procedure which does not require heat, chemicals or glue implants.

Chronic Venous Disease (CVD) is one of the most prevalent and costly diseases amongst US & European citizens with an annual healthcare cost of €34 billion, amounting to almost 3% of total health expenditure. CVD is when blood is not circulated effectively which results in pooling in the legs. It is caused by the failure of one-way valves responsible for preventing blood flowing backwards in veins. Venous disease ranks as the 4th most common chronic disease in the world and if left untreated, leads to leg pain and skin breakdown.

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