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Summary: KneeKG is a Knee diagnostic-aid tool providing kinematic information critical to diagnosing a specific pathologic pattern and developing a focused treatment strategy to restore optimal knee function. The test done with KneeKG is named ‘Knee Kinesiography’. Used with non-operative patients and with patients having residual pain post surgery, a Knee Kinesiography with KneeKG transforms the knee episode of care, enabling significant clinical benefits, e.g. increased function and quality of life,  reduced pain/ opioid intake/time to recovery/number of interventions and charges per patient. For the million of annual knee consultations worldwide (+21M in the United States alone), our vision is to transform the complete knee episode of care, making it more efficient with better outcomes at lower costs.
Need: Knee pain and more specifically knee osteoarthritis, ligament injuries and anterior knee pain.  It is estimated that one American out of 5 suffers from knee pain.  Pain occurs in the movement but images from x-ray and MRI are statics.  Therefore, doctors rely on their expertise and a process of elimination to help patients.
Value: KneeKG enables the clinic to provide in clinic 3D High-Tech Dynamic Knee Assessment, weight-bearing to patients (‘Knee Kinesiography’), to quickly diagnose pathologic patterns, provide objective information to develop a focused treatment strategy and serve as the ultimate measurement tool to enhance patients’ in-office care, maximizing their satisfaction and bolstering the practice’s reputation.