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Summary:  AxioSonic® has developed the first, and only non-invasive treatment to treat chronic sinusitis. AxioSonic uses a proprietary multimodal frequency system to treat facial pain and reduce symptoms of chronic sinusitis without the use of any medication. This device has a simple user interface, integrated haptic feedback system, and proprietary algorithms to improve patient outcomes. Clinical studies using our device have shown statistically significant improvements in pain scores and sinus symptom scores (SNOT-22). AxioSonic also has an FDA cleared device to treat musculo-skeletal pain.
Need:  Sinus infections affect more than 40 million patients in North America and 300 million worldwide.The annual healthcare burden due to chronic sinusitis is $7 billion.  Current treatments include surgery, balloon sinuplasty, and antibiotics. These options are invasive, expensive and have side effects. Antibiotics and over-the-counter decongestants have long-term side effects such as antibiotic resistance, and high blood pressure. Customer surveys have shown that about 90% of the patients are not satisfied with current treatments.
Value: AxioSonic offers a simple, portable, non-invasive and cost-effective treatment for acute and chronic sinus infections. It avoids expensive surgery, and over use of antibiotics.  For musculo-skeletal indications, it offers the patient a portable device that can be used to treat pain in small joints