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Title CEO


We have developed the world’s first non-enzymatic synthetic genetic test for RNA that works in any environment. Our technology brings together nanoparticles, semiconductors and microfluidics to generate a unique platform for RNA analysis. The three key advantages of this technology are, firstly; no sample preparation is required – consequently it can be used anywhere by anyone. Secondly, we use synthetic probes – therefore no thermal cycling or refrigeration of reagents is needed. Finally we use semiconductor detection which allows for a disposable device. Although the assay and device can be used to detect any RNA target, our first product will focus on HIV.  In September 2016 WHO-Europe stated “Europe is at a critical point with HIV. New diagnoses in the European Region recently increased by 76%”. WHO urged “an accelerated people-centred response” based on taking HIV viral-load (VL) testing out of labs and into local clinics where it is most needed at point-of-care (PoC). We will deliver a HIV test system, with its unique combination of simplicity, robustness, reduced cost, and elimination of refrigerated reagents, to improve HIV prognosis and health outcomes.