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InPoint System will revolutionize the cancer screening process as the first point-of-care, personalized cancer risk assessment platform to provide fast (10min), accurate (80% in 600+ patients) and early identification (Stage 0-2) of high-risk patients needing further evaluation.  Leading with colorectal cancer (CRC), the InPoint System will improve the screening process and patient outcomes by 1) increasing at-risk patient compliance, and 2) providing a cost-effective method to identify high-risk patients early, and in need of follow-up care. Patients will prefer its quick and minimally invasive process, which requires neither preparation nor sedation; Physicians will prefer its ease-of-use, immediate results and reimbursement for administering the test; and Payors will prefer its cost-effective use of resources through increased screenings of at-risk patients to identify, and more successfully treat, high-risk patients early.