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Contact Alexis Turjman
Title CEO


Cognition Medical has gathered an outstanding team of scientists, engineers, clinicians and businessmen to develop the next generation of therapy for stroke patients. We are developing a device to reduce the incidence of brain injury after stroke.
Our patent-pending medical device removes blood clots from the brain, using minimally invasive techniques. The novel design addresses a phenomenon called reperfusion injury or “over-oxygenation,” which occurs when the vessel is reopened during an intervention. The sudden restoration of the flow of oxygenated blood channels an incredible amount of oxygen to the brain and increases brain damage. Our device allows the regulation of the rate at which oxygenated blood is returned to the brain, to avoid this injury. Based on state-of-the-art fundamental and clinical research, we estimate that our innovative technology could decrease brain damage by 35%, compared to existing therapies, and we believe it will save lives.
The market for stroke devices is one of the fastest growing among all medical devices and is expected to reach $1.3B in the U.S. alone. The base procedure of extracting clots with devices is extremely promising and became standard practice as of mid-Febrary 2015 after the publication of 5 positive clinical trails in the NEJM. The trials were also featured in national press, like the NY Times. We have a great advance to treat a large portion of stroke victims that do not fully benefit from devices currently on the market and have the support from top doctors in the world.