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Title Founder & CEO


HD Steth is an EKG-enabled intelligent stethoscope that leverages both AI and predictive analytics technologies to instantly detect and diagnose cardiac anomalies. It helps medical professionals quickly identify a patient’s cardiac condition, capture the data, and in real-time identify cardiac diseases.  HD Steth is a unique healthcare offering which integrates digital auscultation with EKG functionality and diagnostic imaging in the familiar shape and size of a stethoscope. This represents a paradigm shift at the point-of-care, saving valuable time for medical professionals, and patients during the “golden hour” of initial CVD symptoms, saving lives.   

HD Steth provides immediate diagnosis based on multiple planes of validation including structural, electrical, mechanical & ischemic, significantly reducing the cost of care. Using smart device technologies HD Steth connects remote medical professionals to cardiac specialists for on-line real time consultation.  Now medical professionals, hospitals and telehealth providers can now enjoy the familiar form factor of a stethoscope-based solution. As our flagship product, HD Steth improves patient outcomes by providing detection with alarms and enables instantaneous diagnoses in addition to managing and monitoring patient cardiac health.

Company News

Is India geared up for regular screening of CHDs in kids?

DateSep 25, 2021
HD Medical has developed the HD Steth, cleared by the US FDA, that addresses this problem.
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HealthyU's 7 lead ECG makes it easier to monitor patients remotely

DateJan 14, 2021
HD medical is hoping to bridge the gap between your home and the doctor's office with HealthyU, a little device that measures your vital signs remotely and feeds them directly to your medical provider. 
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