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Tampa Medical Innovations, Inc. (TaMI) is a Medical Device company focused on innovations that are simple with large market potential. Intra-Venous Catheter (IVC) placement is one of the oldest and most common invasive medical procedures. The process for starting an IVC has not changed in generations. The procedure is done over a billion times a year, worldwide, 35-40% of the time some blood leaks: as a result, personnel and patients are exposed to the hazards of blood-borne communicable pathogens. Hepatitis and HIV come immediately to mind as risks, but with the rising rate of anti-microbial resistance, we are moving into a post-antibiotic era and the problem has gone from serious to critical. Data presented by the World Health Organization this April confirms these concerns. Similarly, the US Centers for Disease Control has a complete program for these healthcare-associated infections (http://www.cdc.gov/hai/) The STAT-Clip (a Class 1, single-use device) will reduce the amount of blood exposure at IVC initiation. Designed for simple low cost manufacture and global distribution, the STAT-Clip will soon be used billions of times a year worldwide. An IRB approved Clinical performance study is in progress, FDA registration will be completed in July with Market entry planned for September.