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Title CEO


Summary: Medable is transforming healthcare by enabling patient generated data to drive clinical research, healthcare delivery, and personalized and predictive medicine. The trusted, globally compliant HIPAA Medable platform is currently licensed by over 15 U.S. top medical research centers and Fortune 100 biotechnology companies, which collectively serve more than 15 million patients and conduct over 6,000 clinical trials. Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations license the Medable platform to create and deploy mobile applications for clinical trials and clinical care enabling them to collect critical patient generated data. This data is used to drive healthcare delivery, clinical trials, and precision and predictive medicine. Patient generated data types collected by Medable platform applications include patient reported outcomes, smartphone sensor data, contextual data sets (UV index, urban air pollution, location), and medical and wearable device data. Using our simple point-and-click interface, a health expert can easily design a compliant, secure mobile application which is then deployed onto a patient’s smartphone for passive and active data capture. Analytics and visualization tools are applied to the data as it is relayed back to the researcher or provider in real-time, providing key insights and actionable data.

Need: In 2016, the pharmaceutical industry spent some 159 billion U.S. dollars on research and development. To some estimations, this figure should increase to over 200 billion dollars in 2024. This is largely driven by low patient enrollment and retention, sparse and siloed data, limited reach, and insensitive measurement. Waste in the healthcare industry is alarming as well; on average, healthcare spending globally is 8.9% of GDP (2016), while the US spent 17.2%. This waste is due to: 1) patients receiving unnecessarily or low-value care that makes no difference, or at the worst, impacts their health negatively; 2) inefficient gathering and analysis of patient data leading to mismanagement of valuable resources; 3) legacy administrative systems and processes that fail to be patient and provider centric, allowing for correct diagnosis, proper treatment plans, and insights into patient recovery.

Value: Medable offers a new, innovative paradigm for clinical trials by enabling care to be delivered, and research to be conducted, anytime, anywhere with our mobile data capture systems. The Medable platform is transforming clinical care by enabling personalized digital medicine with therapeutic driven mobile apps. In partnership with medical teams, the app is designed to guide patients through complex medical protocols by providing individualized guidance that is updated in real-time by healthcare providers to optimize outcomes. Medable is accelerating clinical trials by enabling mobile protocols to enable broad and unlimited clinical research participation. By removing the barriers to clinical care and research, we are in parallel capturing the largest digital dataset on human health and disease, something we call the digitome. The digitome will transform our understanding of health and disease by enabling digital biomarkers that identify disease and therapeutic efficacy earlier.