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Contact Galit Zuckerman Stark
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Medasense has developed a patented technology platform to objectively assess the physiological response to pain (nociception), by leveraging composite artificial intelligence algorithms to process and analyzing dozens of pain-related physiological parameters.

The technology combines a non-invasive finger probe acquiring 4 physiological signals. Out of these 4 signals, dozens of pain-related physiological parameters and derivatives are extracted and computed (such as Heart rate, Heart rate variability, Pulse wave amplitude, Skin conductance level, temperature and more). Advanced artificial intelligence algorithms identify the pain-related pattern and reflect the information on a scale where 0 represents no pain response and 100 represents extreme pain response – the NOL® (Nociception Level) Index.

NOL® provides superior indication of the presence and severity of pain response vs. individual parameters. The easy-to-interpret NOL® index monitors and grades pain levels objectively, enabling optimal personalized pain treatment.

The NOL® – Nociception level Index, has been repeatedly referred to in peer reviewed journals and by opinion leaders as the most robust, state-of-the-art and reliable solution to measure intra-operative pain (nociception). Clinical Studies published showed improved outcomes connected to reduced costs and the NOL® was included in Critical Care Guidelines.

Company News

Israeli pain monitoring co Medasense raises $18m

DateSep 22, 2020
The company's technology uses a multi-parametric sensor platform and advanced AI algorithms to convert complicated data into a patient's "Signature of Pain."
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