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OrbiSeq™ tests are based on analyzing repetitive DNA known as microsatellites, MST. There are ~1 million MST loci present throughout the human genome, both in coding and non-coding regions. MST are much more sensitive to cellular stressors and are 10,000 times more mutable than SNPs and other genetic markers. They reflect not only inherited predisposition to disease, but also acquired risk and their mutations are reversible. MST sequences are not accurately analyzed by standard sequencing algorithms which are optimized for SNPs. OrbiSeq utilizes proprietary algorithms to identify variation in MST loci. Through the analysis of thousands of human germline genome sequences, comparing diseased and healthy genomes, we have identified clinically actionable MST markers which are specific to different diseases and conditions. We’ve demonstrated the ability to detect disease early, predict drug efficacy in individuals (CDx) and determine genetic age.   The company’s first product for lung cancer will validate our technology while addressing a major unmet need. Our next products will be consumer tests for pan-cancer, other diseases & longevity. Because of the responsiveness of microsatellites, they can be used to measure the effectiveness of lifestyle changes & other actions intended to reduce disease risk. Our goal is not just early disease detection, but ultimately disease prevention.

Company News

Colorado Awards $8.6M in Grants to Startups, featuring Orbit Genomics

DateMay 21, 2021
Thirty-six Colorado startups secured almost $8.6 million in grants as part of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade’s Advanced Industries Accelerator Program.
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