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Every tumor and complex revision case is different. At Onkos, we are passionate about reducing complexity for our customers and addressing the clinical challenges associated with tumor surgery. Onkos has a suite of products including 3D printed implants, instruments, 3D medical models, modular limb salvage systems and regenerative biologics. uDesign is our service platform for personalized surgical planning which allows surgeons to share patient specific imaging. The company then provides image analysis that translates into patient specific 3D modeling. This 3D modeling allows the company to collaborate with a surgeon to create a very personalized surgical plan. This plan may include 3D medical models, biologics and our ELEOS limb salvage system which are similar to total joint products but intended for patients with bone cancer. In cases where standard components may not be sufficient, the company offers a service called My3D that create personalized implants designed for a specific patients.

Company News

Onkos Surgical® continues its innovation in musculoskeletal oncology and complex orthopaedic reconstruction with the launch of the ELEOS™ Proximal Tibia with BioGrip™ technology

DateDec 21, 2020
Onkos Surgical, Inc., an innovator in the field of musculoskeletal oncology and personalized orthopaedics, continues to deliver on its promise of commercializing innovative solutions with the launch of the new ELEOS Proximal Tibia with BioGrip technology. 
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Onkos Surgical raises $7.6m

DateApr 30, 2020
Surgical oncology device developer Onkos Surgical filed an SEC Form D to confirm the sale of nearly $7.6 million in equity. Earlier this year, the company announced the launch of its GenVie Magnesium Bone Scaffold. The magnesium-based bone void filler with osteoconductive and high compression strength attributes to promote bone repair and regeneration.
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