Sepsis Scout


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Title Co-Founder & CEO


Sepsis Scout (Formerly Patchd) was started to save my own life after I suffered 18 episodes of sepsis following a liver transplant. I only survived because I could feel in my face and legs that I would go septic in 10 – 24 hours and would alert my doctors. This early premonition, proved to be lifesaving. Our realization was that if I could tell I was getting sick, and therefore save my own life, then we could probably build a device and algorithm to do the same thing. So we did. Sepsis Scout is a chest worn device for detecting sepsis 10+ hours before a physician. It sits on the chest of outpatients while they are at periods of very high risk for sepsis (Leukemia patients undergoing active cytotoxic therapy etc). The device transmits vital sign and biometric data such as HR, HRV, Respiration, Tempearture, O2, EKG and Blood pressure to the cloud, were our specialized deep neural networks analyze this data in real time. When our algorithm detects infections that are going to cause sepsis in the next 10 to 24 hours, it alerts a physician who can intervene. There are 1.7M Americans who get sepsis every year, at a cost of $14,000 each and 80% of those episodes occur outside of hospital. With early intervention, the cost could theoretically be dropped to $200, the cost of oral antibiotics and a physician phone call.